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Did you know...?

In October 2003 E.U. Legislation affecting the motor trade came into force. Its full title is 'Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002' in short BER.

  • BER changes the way cars are serviced and repaired, it gives motorists a lot more freedom in their choice of who should look after their cars.
  • Before BER, it was very difficult to have cars, which were still covered by their manufacturer's warranty, serviced anywhere other than the franchised dealer.
  • Now motorists can use any garage of their choice to service their car without invalidating the manufacturer's warranty, providing certain conditions are met.
We as an independent garage can carry out normal maintenance and repair services during your vehicles warranty period without invalidating the Vehicle Assembler's warranty conditions, providing that:
  • The service is in accordance with the vehicles assembler's service schedules and is recorded as such.

  • That the parts used are of 'appropriate quality' and are recorded as such.
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If you need further information, or if you have evidence of Vehicle Assemblers or their dealers infringing these rules please visit www.adf.org.uk